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  • I have been making delicious cookies for many years. This particular cookie was named when a former boyfriend proclaimed. "These are some big ass cookies." I wasn't sure if he was describing the cookie or me but he assured me it was the cookie. We launched our cookie business this September and we sold out. I will keep you posted on the progress of our latest business venture.

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January 10, 2011


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That cabinet is so pretty! It looks great with the chair cushions.
So which booth is yours? I go to the antique store in Shoshone on a semi-regular basis, so I'm just curious.


Hi, Suzanne, Thanks so much for your lovely comment. I really appreciate you checking out my blog. The Vintage Chick booth is to the left when you enter through the front door. We have a lot of regular customers so please ask and our pals at the Whistle Stop will be glad to get you headed in the right direction. Take Care, Penny

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